Permanent make up is a fantastic solution to those with sparse, thinning eyebrows, or those wanting to add more definition to their brows, lips or eyes.  

Permanent Make up is often referred to as cosmetic tattooing.  It includes many permanent cosmetic enhancements such as eyebrows, lips and eyes. 

It is the same principle as body tattooing, but with some slight differences.  Firstly in permanent make up we use specially created cosmetic hypoallergenic pigments instead of ink. Secondly we work much more superficially to a body tattoo.  Over time cosmetic tattoos using pigment will fade, and for that reason it is some times referred to as semi permanent make up.  

Most permanent make up is carried out using a tattoo machine, although again these tend to be lighter and much more like a pen.  The exception to this is microblading which is carried out with a hand help manual device.

Cosmetic tattooing comes under the big umbrella of tattooing in the UK and as such all permanent make up artists must be licensed and sufficiently qualified before being able to trade

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